Introducing :Dr. Dwi Haryanti. Specialization: K-pop, illustration & Green Fluorescent Proteins.

Meet Dr. Dwi Haryanti, more commonly known as Dr. Dudu or Dudu-san. She is from Indonesia; and is currently working as a research assistant professor at Sesoko Station, TBRC, University of the Ryukyus. She describes herself as a full-time Korean-pop fan girl and part-time coral researcher; a casual nerd specializing in coral physiology, illustrations & EXO among other things.

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About this Blog

Technically I should be writing about this in “About” section, but I don’t have any content yet and the idea of first blog post being an introduction did not seem bad.

Logic and various “how to start your blog” articles dictate that I should launch my blog site only once I have collected enough material to write at least two-three articles. I followed that advice and it’s been more than a year since I decided on blogging. Obviously a more aggressive and slightly spontaneous strategy is required in some exceptional cases. So without further ado let’s begin…

A little about myself

I am Tanya Singh, originally from India and currently pursuing my PhD on Acropora population dynamics, at Sesoko Station, Tropic Biosphere Research Station, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan. My hobbies include procrastinating; not completing my to-do lists etc. My aim in life is to be a “brooding while on long walk ecologist with heavy rimmed glasses” (the latter has been achieved since 6th grade).

About the research station

Sesoko Station is actually a marine research (specifically coral reef) station (for more detailed information refer: We have a few resident researchers (professors, post-doctorate researchers, students etc) and several short-term visiting researchers from both across Japan and rest of the coral-reef constituting world.

And finally about the blog

それぞれ (pronounced as sore-zore) is a Japanese word which roughly translates to this and that. This is what this blog is going to be about.

Just kidding…. (Barely refrained from inserting a smiley emoji here, it is a science blog after all.)

Being based at the research station gives me an opportunity to meet people specializing in a diverse range of research areas, and I thought it would be a nice to document their work in a manner which is accessible to general public. So I’ll be taking interviews of short-term and sometimes resident researchers working at the station. Big chunk of interviews would be related to research carried out, and their motivations (scientific & personal) behind it.

At last I would like to request you all, to please ignore the cheesy blog name and instead consider the sincere intention behind this website.

To be continued…